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St. Johns Toddler and Preschool Community 

Located on North Lombard, this light-filled space serves 2 groups of children: 


The Moon Bears are a toddler class of up to 10 two year olds. They have two teachers who lead the group through process-based, art explorations and lots of child-led, free play.


The Owls are a mixed-age preschool class of up to 20 children ages 3-5. This group has a 1:5 to 1:8 teacher:child ratio. In addition to lots of art, and thematic-based learning, the preschoolers focus on the socio-emotional work that comes with navigating conflict and communication with their peers. 

Each classroom has a daily routine that is carefully considered, taking into account the interests and development of the group. There is a balance of large and small group activities, guided projects, and independent play. 

Portland Preschool N Portland
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