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Toddler Room 1

Room 1 is our youngest toddler classroom. It is a group of up to 8 one-year-olds. With two full time teachers, and 1 support, the adult to child ratio is 1:4, and often lower.


To support these young toddlers' emerging mobility, Room 1 features a solid wood climbing loft, a play tunnel, small climbing risers, and other activities to support their burgeoning gross-motor development. The room also features an outdoor deck to connect them to the outdoors. This allows them to move freely in and out of the classroom on warm weather days.

Children are introduced to a daily classroom rhythm that is well-balanced with active, and quiet times, art, movement, and music. Their schedules are still flexible enough to allow this young group freedom to adapt based on their daily needs.

Through consideration of their classroom environment, the children are encouraged to take safe risks with their bodies as they learn to walk, balance, twist, and climb. 

Increasing verbal skills are supported by a "Song Time", an always revolving library of books, basic sign-language, and lots of conversation throughout the day.

Portland Preschool and Childcare

Toddler Room 2

Room 2 is a group of 10 two-year-olds. The ratio for this classroom is 1:5. Children in Room 2 begin a daily rhythm similar to the preschool classrooms. They begin more structured Project Times that are guided Art and STEM activities to introduce a new concept, or build on a developing skill. 

Room 2 introduces "centers". These are areas of interest such as "books", "blocks", and "kitchen". These centers prompt children to prolong their play and focus, and to share a space and activity with their peers. 

Preschool Portland Childcare and Daycare
Preschool Portland Childcare and Daycare
Preschool Portland Childcare and Daycare
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