Connecting to Spanish

June 18, 2017


Teacher Selene has been introducing the children to a bit of her Venezuelan culture through language, cooking, and songs. 


She's taught us a few new Spanish songs and we've already incorporated them into our morning Song Time. The kids really are enjoying them! Below are lyrics:


"itsy bitsy spider"

Witzy witzy araña

Witzy witzy araña, 
subio su telaraña. 
Vino la lluvia, 
y se la llevó. 

Luego salió el sol, 
y todo lo seco. 
Y witzy witzy araña, 
de nuevo se subió.


"One Elephant"

Un elefante se balanceaba

Un elefante se balanceaba
sobre la tela de una araña
y como veía que no se caía
fue a llamar a otro elefante.

Dos elefantes se balanceaban
sobre la tela de una araña,
y como veían que no se caían
fueron a llamar a otro elefante. 

Tres elefantes se balanceaban
sobre la tela de una araña,
y como veían que no se caían
fueron a llamar a otro elefante. 


"Circle Game"

 A la rueda, rueda

 A la rueda, rueda 
de pan y canela
dame un besito
y vamos a la escuela
si no quieres ir
Acuéstate a dormir.   


On Friday, June 16th she baked arepas with the children. Teacher Jessica and I had asked her what some typical Venezuelan dishes were and she told us that arepas are a standard, simple food that is made almost daily by some Venezuelan families. She also told us that lunch is the biggest meal of the day, and usually a longer, more social occasion.


The kids loved being a part of the cooking process, and it was so much fun to wait for them to come out of the oven. They were so warm and tasty! We served them with cheese and avocado. They were a big hit, and we plan to make them more in the future.


Selene is also giving short language lessons in the afternoon to our Birdies. We plan to have the Berries start their small group time soon.


The kids love their special "Spanish Class", and have been really attentive and engaged!







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