High-Fives for Color

February 15, 2017

Identifying and naming colors is a daily interest at Sweet Day, especially for our "newly 2s". So today, after reading a new book about colors together, we set up a hands on activity in the Art Studio to introduce some color mixing. 




The Birdies went in first. Laura set up a tray of yellow paint and a tray of blue. Each child chose a color to dip their hands in, and then was encouraged to hold hands with a friend who had the alternate color. 


It wasn't until they put their hands on the paper did they realize the bit of scientific magic that had happened. Everyone was pretty excited to see the third color that they'd created.


Laura then brought in the Berries, who did the same activity using trays of red and blue.


We've done color mixing (intentionally and unintentionally) in the past, but the kids really seemed to enjoy the extra step of finding a friend to squish hands with!


Later in the day, I was with some of the kids working on puzzles. After Finley completed one, I gave her a high-five. August was near, so I asked her if she'd like a high-five too. She said, "yes". Then, all of the kids around us began high-fiving each other. High-fiving, without adult help, can be a challenging and somewhat complex task for toddlers! They first need to communicate (mostly non-verbally) with a friend whom they'd like to give a high-five to. This usually involves making eye contact. Then they need to wait for a positive response from this friend. And finally, they have to time and coordinate the movement to make contact! They were each very sweet; patiently going from friend to friend until everyone had exchanged a gentle high-five with everyone else. Eva stood next to Ely for almost a minute with her hand raised, patiently waiting for him to finish his high-five with Naji and notice her. It was a sweet moment, and I thought that maybe the best lesson that came out of our morning Project Time wasn't the official topic of Color Theory, but was one more about social skills; how to considerately approach a friend about doing something together, and the delicate cooperation that toddlers need to effectively and meaningfully communicate with one another.








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